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Kneel Before the Werewolf Queen

Genres: Romance, Werewolf, Royalty

4.9, 2.2K ratings

📢 Dumped by her Alpha Mate, the weak Ciara was then cast out of the pack. However, hatred awakened the Giant Wolf dormant inside her, and now it's time for them to kneel before the Werewolf Queen!

Ciara puttered around this large ballroom which was hosting the Luna Ceremony tonight. Most parts of the ceilings were covered by crystal chandeliers that shone brightly, making the room bathe in warm yellow light. Fresh flowers decorated the white fluted columns, filling the air with perfume.

"They made it a grand ceremony. Now I'm curious to know about the new Luna.” She proceeded forward to the center.

Strange feelings suddenly came over Ciara, pushing her to look back. Even her wolf stirred to life and kept howling in her mind.

Her gaze strayed to the man standing behind, whose hands entwined with the hands of another woman.

The moment their eyes met, they muttered almost at the same time, "Mate.” Ciara recognized the man, their new Alpha, Lowen Davis, who was going to have someone else as his Luna tonight...

Pain haunted Ciara deep inside as if her heart was forcibly squeezed, but she showed nothing abnormal in the look.

Ciara soon regained her composure, her eyes growing colder. Then she had no hesitation in turning around to leave this damned place.

Though Lowen hadn't yet recovered from shock, his instinct told him to chase his mate, and he did so.

"Ciara, please wait! You are my mate. How can you leave me and go?" Lowen asked desperately. He was just as surprised as the rest of them, but for him what mattered most was the mate pull he felt towards her at the moment.

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MP3 Juice is one of the most popular MP3 music download sites. It can be used to search and download MP3 audio files. It is a 100% free and super easy to use. Simply enter the query about the music you want to download. The query can be a song, artist, album, lyrics, or URL. Once you click on the search icon, you will get a list of downloadable music options. Select the one you want and get the MP3 download for free. So easy, right? Now let mp3 juice download music free download for Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac.

The Features of MP3 Juice Downloader

MP3Juice download website is an indispensable tool for many music lovers. You can rely on it to download music for free. Moreover, this MP3 Juice downloader serves as an excellent Tubidy alternative. Many users have used it to replace MP3 players as it can download music as well as stream it. What makes MP3Juices so popular? Let's explore its excellent features.

Free MP3 Download

This MP3 Juice free MP3 download site allows you to download music from SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Bandcamp, Jamendo, and other popular music sites. Besides that, you can also convert online video to MP3 by pasting the URL. All these can be done easily and quickly. In a word, it takes no effort to get a free MP3 download via

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This MP3 downloader site features a smart search engine for you to find and download MP3 songs and MP4 videos without hassle. All you need is to paste the URL or search for your favorite songs. Then all the related free downloadable MP3 music will show up. So pick one and use this MP3 Juice to get free MP3 music downloads.

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This MP3 Juice music downloader website is trustworthy as it is secured by SSL encryption. Besides, it is promised to be 100% free from pop-ups and clickbait. Hence, you can rely on this MP3Juices official site to get free MP3 music download for offline streaming.

How to Download MP3 for Free with MP3 Juice

Step 1. Search by keywords or paste a music URL. Then press the search icon. There are 200+ sources available such as 4Shared, SoundCloud, Archive, Mixcloud, Jamendo, etc.

Step 2. The search results show up in seconds. Click on the Download button and select the MP3 format to get the music free download. Besides, this MP3 Juices music downloader also lets you download MP4 as well.

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FAQ about MP3 Juice Music Downloader

Is MP3 juice safe and secure?

Yes. MP3 juices music downloader is 100% safe and secure. It requires no installation or registration. Besides that, there are no skeptical redirects, clickbait, or popups on this mp3 juices download site. Instead, insert the song title or music URL. Then you can get free music download with MP3 Juice downloader.

Is it legal to use MP3Juice official site?

MP3Juices official site works as a neutral tool itself. The legality largely depends on users' behavior. When you use MP3 juice to download royalty-free music or save copyrighted music made available by the artist, it is legal. On the contrary, you will be in trouble if you download copyrighted music with MP3 Juice, or use it to make a profit.

All in all, it is legal to use MP3Juice when you download royalty-free music for uncommercial purposes.

How does MP3 Juices work?

1. Insert the song title or music URL. Then hit the search icon. MP3Juices music downloader will show you all the downloadable results in a few seconds.

2. Hit the Download button and pick an MP3 or MP4 quality. Then MP3 Juice will download free music or video for you.

Tip: If your MP3Juice is not working, please refer to the guide: Why Is MP3 Juice Not Working.

How to use MP3 juice to get free songs download to the computer?

1. Visit MP3Juices official website on your computer. Then search for music with a URL or song title.

2. Hit the Download icon and pick the desired MP3 quality. Then MP3 Juice downloader will get free songs downloaded on your PC or Mac.

Can I download MP3 music to my iPhone?

Sure. There’s a makeshift to download music on iPhone with the help of Documents by Readdle, a professional iOS file manager. You need to install Documents by Readdle before we move on.

Visit with the built-in browser of Documents. And search for music via URL or song title, artist, album, etc.

Click on the Download icon and select a format. Then MP3 Juice will get free music downloads on your iPhone.

After the download completes, head over to My Files>Downloads of Documents for the downloaded music. Now you can enjoy offline music on your iPhone.

What is MP3Juices?

MP3Juices, also named MP3Juice, MP3 Juices,, mp3 juice cc, mp3 juice dj, mp3juices red, etc. This MP3Juices official website features an advanced search engine to easily get free MP3 music download. It is 100% safe and free to use.

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